Airdropper Docs


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Where are you guys from?

We are devs from France and Switzerland. Most of the guys in the marketing group behind Airdropper are well known Devs/Mods from the crypto scene.

Is the Dev Team doxxed?

Dev Team is going to be privately doxxed through call channels, so you can be sure that everything is safe.

Will the team do any KYC?

Yes, as the presale is on pinksale we are going to use their KYC system. Again, you can be sure that everything is safe for you.

If I hold more $AIR, can I claim more tokens in the airdrops?

Right now, holding a specified amount of $AIR will grant you access to any airdrops available on our dapp.
However, there is going to be some special airdrops where holding more $AIR will give you more token of the airdrop. For example, if the airdrop is limited to holders with 100 $AIR, having 200$ AIR will give you double the amount of dropped tokens.

Do you guys plan to add staking or farming?

We are currently working on some kind of staking and farming systems. We also want to create a new way of staking, where giving tokens to a public airdrop will grant you benefits.

I still don't get it. What is AirDropper for?

If you are a user: AirDropper allows you to claim tokens for free and to discover new projects on the Binance Smart Chain. Becoming part of the community grants you access to the upvoting system. Every week you can vote through our SmartContract which token should be airdropped on Sundays.
If you are a dev team: AirDropper allows you to Airdrop & Promote your token. You will have multiple tools available to promote your token and send customized urls to your users so they can claim your airdrop. Managing your Airdrop has never been so easy! Get all the Telegram addresses that have claimed your airdrop in an instant.

The $AIR token, what's it for?

Our $AIR token allows users to unlock premium features. The fee will also be used to finance our Sunday Airdrops. Each Sunday at 7:00pm UTC, we'll drop them to you!

What makes Airdropper Dapp unique ?

The major drawback with usual airdrops is that you cannot choose which airdrop you want and most of the time it's a scam.
We invented the term "ClaimDrop" to get rid of this problem. Our Dapp is based on that, you can claim the airdrops.

Will I find scams on Airdropper Dapp?

As we aim to provide a decentralized app, we cannot verify every airdrop, it's the same for every dapp today.
However, like PinkSales and many others are doing, we will provide a way of tagging approved airdropps. Also you will find a button that will indicate to other if this airdrop is a scam.
The beauty of Airdropper is that it's free to claim airdrops. During a traditional presale one might be dismayed to learn they have purchased into a scam. With Airdropper, you'll simply move on to the next airdrop, without any risks attached

Do you already have airdrops listed on your Dapp?

We have some partners that will create airdrops for you guys. You would be able to claim everything when Airdropper is live.